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Memories of a Giant

Memories of a Giant

One of my fondest recollections of the early Dunlop days was the chance to meet and work with the splendid Ian Norris. ...more> Perils of the Pitlane

Perils of the Pitlane

The pits at Le Mans or Spa are a cold, miserable place to be. They're also somewhat less than safe, especially if ...more> The Cat's Final Snarl

The Cat's Final Snarl

This was a day I'll always remember with a certain sadness. The Broadspeed ETC Jaguar V12C was undeniably fast, but ...more>
Automotive and Aviation Memorabilia

Automotive and Aviation Memorabilia

We have recently been given permission by Mr Jessop to offer some of his vast collection of memorabilia for sale. It's an eclectic mix, collected over nearly a century of motorsport and pioneering aviation.

1956 Original Rallye Monte Carlo Plate

Number 109, Renault 4 CV

This Monte Carlo Rally plate is in lovely original condition. It was driven to class second by the well-known Belgian driver Gilberte Thirion and her co-driver, Lise Renaud. Gilberte won the Tour of Corsica Rally that same year.

Vintage leather flying helmet

Probably 1930s/40s. In excellent, wearable condition

A really nice leather flying helmet that would also give great service as a vintage style driving helmet. We know this because it was recently to be seen behind the wheel of a rather splendid XK120. Splendid for keeping your ears warm!

Lovely lustre to the leather and the sheepskin lining is first class. Medium size.

Teardrop Pilot's Goggles

Probably German from WW2

This is an interesting piece. It's a pair of aircrew goggles, probably of WW2 German origin.It comes with its original metal case and a pair of spare lenses in a soft bag. There's very slight discolouration in the right-hand lens and one of the spare lenses has deformed, possibly because of hot sun through a plexiglass cockpit! Otherwise it's in lovely condition and would make an authentic film prop.

WW1 Pilot's Goggles

Yellow tinted lenses, with case

These first world war aviator's goggles have yellow tinted lenses and leather face pads. The elastic headband has stretched somewhat but the adjusters work perfectly so it's possible to get a secure fit. The leather face pads would benefit from a dab of leather moisturiser, but are in excellent condition.

WW2 RAF Flying Jacket

Unusually good condition with no cracking

We don't often see an RAF aircrew jacket as good as this one. It probably dates from around 1942 and is in fine, wearable condition. The leather is supple and free of cracks and the zips work smoothly. The lining is exceptionally good. There's some minor wear to the sheepskin near the waist buckle.

People were more compact in the forties, so this jacket is on the small side, probably around a 36" chest.

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