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Memories of a Giant

Memories of a Giant

One of my fondest recollections of the early Dunlop days was the chance to meet and work with the splendid Ian Norris. ...more> Perils of the Pitlane

Perils of the Pitlane

The pits at Le Mans or Spa are a cold, miserable place to be. They're also somewhat less than safe, especially if ...more> The Cat's Final Snarl

The Cat's Final Snarl

This was a day I'll always remember with a certain sadness. The Broadspeed ETC Jaguar V12C was undeniably fast, but ...more>
Valve types header

Fit it Correctly

Our metal-valved tubes are fitted with double locking nuts to ensure a positive seating and prevent chafing around the union between the valve and the tube itself. The diagram below shows how they should be fitted. Note the small gap below the inner locking ring and tube. You should wind the inner ring away from the valve base by 1-2mm, then tighten the outer hexagon nut to clamp the rim.

Correct fitting of a metal valve

Valve Types

You'll see TR references on most of our tubes - TR11C, TR13 and so on. They give you information on the valve type fitted. The chart below shows our most common valve types.

TR11C ValveW90200 Valve


TR13 Valve



TR15 ValveTR4 Valve



TR6 Valve


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