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Memories of a Giant

Memories of a Giant

One of my fondest recollections of the early Dunlop days was the chance to meet and work with the splendid Ian Norris. ...more> Perils of the Pitlane

Perils of the Pitlane

The pits at Le Mans or Spa are a cold, miserable place to be. They're also somewhat less than safe, especially if ...more> The Cat's Final Snarl

The Cat's Final Snarl

This was a day I'll always remember with a certain sadness. The Broadspeed ETC Jaguar V12C was undeniably fast, but ...more>
Rim bands for spoked wheels

Don't Put Your Spoke In!

Spoked rims are light, strong and look fabulous, but they're death to your inner tubes if they're allowed to chafe away at the rubber. Fabric tapes will work for a while, but they tend to work to the sides, leaving the spoke heads exposed. They can also deteriorate rapidly - most of us will have experienced unsticking a rotting tape from the rim and tube.

Classico rim bands are made from the same reinforced rubber as our tubes, and precision-made to fit securely in the well of your rim. For less than a fiver a wheel, it's hardly worth skimping the job.

Rim Band Sizes

£3.50 £3.95 £4.00 £4.25 £4.25 £4.35 £4.50 £4.75 £4.75

Prices exclude VAT and Shipping

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