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Inner Tubes for beaded edge tyres

Meticulous About Originality?

Beaded edge tyres are a challenging proposition. There's no denying that they're more prone to deflation than any other type, particularly with the cornering forces achievable on modern mettled roads. But if accuracy is everything to you, then nothing else will do for your classic. That's why we keep a range of Premier quality tubes specifically designed for beaded edge applications. Like all Premier tubes they're heavy duty and also feature a reinforced base, which is important when you're going to be inflating them to 60PSI or more - and there's still the distinct possibility of the sidewall moving away from the rim!

We can't promise that you won't find yourself changing a tyre at the roadside - that's an unavoidable part of the beaded-edge experience - but at least you can fit specialist tubes designed to give you the best possible chance of reaching your destination with clean fingernails.

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815 - 105 £20.73
875 - 105 £23.32
820 - 120 £24.32
880 - 120 £24.75
895 - 135 £25.50
710 - 90 £18.38

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