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Race/rally prepared Austin Healey 100/4 with inner tube

Purpose-Built for Performance

"Rather like a fine wine, one simply gets better with age. This couldn’t be more true of the legendary Doctor of Rubber, Derek Freathy. With Derek’s vast wealth of knowledge from managing Dunlop Motorsport for many years this has been honed into producing exquisite products of superior quality and performance for the motoring enthusiast. Be it on your D-Type Jaguar, Porsche 930, Vauxhall 30-98, Austin-Healey, Austin 7 – I could go on - Classico’s Premier tubes, rim bands and tyres are the first choice. I run them on all my cars and wouldn’t consider any other brand.

A telephone call to his office always leaves you feeling enlightened, and delighted to be dealing with a gentleman in the modern cut-throat business world we unfortunately operate in these days."

Rob Hubbard
Senior Motor Car Specialist
Collectors’ Motor Car Department

Thank you Rob, and aw shucks!

It's easy to find cheaper tubes, but we're confident you won't find better. Backed by more than forty years of competition experience, they're purpose-built without compromise to give you ultimate performance. It all begins with thicker walls to make them more robust and significantly less vulnerable to chafing. The valve is fixed using a wide diameter rubber patch, designated "C" for Concours, and vulcanised with care to ensure that it won't separate under stress.

Take a look at our size range - you'll find few dual-size tubes, because stretching an undersize tube can weaken the wall. Conversely, cramming in an oversize one may cause folds, which lead to hot spots and possible failure. So the vast majority of our tubes are built for a single tyre size. Where we do show a dual size recommendation, you can rest assured that it's been tested - under competition conditions where relevant - and has proven that it can deliver performance and dependability.

We're fanatical about quality. That's why every tube is individually inspected and approved before we despatch it to you.

Race Tubes

These are our flagship product. Fitted with metal valves and positive dual locking nuts, they're the preferred fitment for a great many vintage and historic racers. They're individually boxed to protect them from grit and sunlight. Each one comes with a generous sachet of French chalk to make fitting - and disassembly - easier, and to ensure that the tube seats itself naturally inside the tyre.

Rally Tubes

Built with the same reinforced construction as our race tubes, our rally tubes are designed specifically for vintage and classic rally cars. The rubber valve stems are attached using an extra-wide saddle to protect from chafing and help make a positive seal to prevent the ingress of water and grit into the inside of the tyre.

Road Tubes

Even our road tubes are reinforced and fitted with high-quality valve components. We don't want the relaxed pleasure of your summer outings to be interrupted by punctures. We also maintain a stock of tubes for beaded-edge tyres and rims.

Running any classic car is an expensive, demanding task. Spending an extra couple of quid on the very best tubes is probably the cheapest way you'll ever find of increasing your chances of enjoying the fruits of your labour.

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